Gesture control

Become master of the light with gesture control

 With Occhio »touchless control«, light can be turned on/off, dimmed and directed upward or downward with simple gesture control – making it touchless and intuitive. Light switches, dimmers, etc. are a thing of the past.




Turning on/off & dimming

Access all control options by gesture. Easily turn luminaires on and off. You can adjust the light to different dusk/dawn and darkness levels of daylight – and to your own mood. What makes it special: The LEDs used in Occhio luminaires are not only dimmable, they also guarantee constant luminous power and uniform quality of light.


Directing light in a room – up/down fading

One touch is all it takes to draw the light continuously upward or downward. Occhio luminaires with double-sided light output are equipped with separate LEDs, thus allowing independent operation of the uplight and downlight. This creates fascinating new possibilities in interior design.


»color tune« – changing the light temperature

Occhio luminaires with »color tune« can be adjusted to suit your mood: Simply select the color temperature perfect for the occasion via gesture control. Whether you opt for a warm light tones with 2700 Kelvin for relaxing in the evenings or a cooler, energizing light of 4000 Kelvin to get your work done: It's your choice – any time.



Light is Life

Occhio represents a whole new way of thinking about lighting by combining technology, light and design to create an unprecedented experience. And when light becomes an experience, Occhio calls it a unique ‘joy of use’.

Occhio’s holistic philosophy with award-winning designs, highest light quality, and a special sense of harmony, creates a new culture of light. This makes Occhio a distinct leader in the lighting industry.


    Evolution to revolution.

    The Occhio modular lighting system enables you to design your living space - indoor and outdoor - holistically through light – which can also be individually customised in line with your requirements.


    A futuristic glow in the ceiling, downlight, room lighting, perfect table lighting – Mito cosmo move offers all of the above in a single luminaire. Easily controllable via electric height adjustment. Color temperature and light distribution can also be adjusted to your needs.


    The perfect entrance!

    Experience the distinctive Occhio design in your outdoor area: Sito palo is a bollard luminaire for paths and terraces – the perfect companion as you approach your door.

Collaboration News!

In collaboration with luxury brands ‘Object Carpet’ and ‘Bloom Outdoor Furniture’, we at Occhio Store by Goettling, are creating an extraordinary outdoor experience for a limited period of time.

Occhio lights are also illuminating the sound installation by Dubai Audio in Downtown Design Dubai 2023.


    Introducing the Mediterraneo to the Middle Eastern market. The indoor and outdoor floor covering, made entirely of recycled material from the circular economy, has a distinct Mediterranean signature and gives its surroundings a natural atmosphere.

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    The newest LOFT collection is a modular furniture system to create a distinctive outdoor experience, transforming terraces & gardens into unique outdoor living rooms! Through various combination options, this collection offers a lot of flexibility.

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    Dubai Audio has been giving heart and soul to sound since 1994. For more than 2 decades Dubai Audio has brought in the best of speakers, amplifiers, headphones, sound systems and more collections to the United Arab Emirates.

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