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About Light

Light quality - Joy of use - Design quality - A holistic approach

Light quality – setting the standard

For us, the benchmark for light quality is natural sunlight. That's why our sophisticated LEDs make your home appear in the most brilliant colors. The lighting mood can be easily adjusted to the course of the day and the respective situation – because light influences the atmosphere in a room just as much as our well-being.

Unique features that bring you joy – the so-called 'joy of use'

When light becomes an experience, we call it joy of use: With a gesture or with the smart Occhio air light control, you can switch the light, dim it or change the light color and distribution. Always just the way you want it.

Design quality that will inspire you – now and always

Our design is characterised by timeless aesthetics and luxurious quality down to the last detail. We think function and form from the inside out - according to the principle 'form follows function'. Fine surfaces, available across all luminaires and series, complement your interior in exactly the style you want.

One system, countless possibilities: you have the choice

Our luminaire systems are modular and offer lighting solutions from the ceiling to the floor. This allows you to design your home or project holistically with light – in consistent lighting quality and design language.