Color tune

Via gesture control, Occhio air or preset – with »color tune« you decide which color temperature you want. Adjust the light color to your mood and always create the perfect atmosphere.


Warm or cold light

It is your choice – at any time: Set the light variably with »color tune«. From warm light tones for relaxed evening hours ...


... to stimulating cool work light. Choose continuously between

2700 and 4000 K.


Control the light by gesture …

Set the desired light color with a simple movement of the hand. Use a double gesture to activate both sensors on the luminaire's head.


 … or app

You can also use the app to adjust the light temperature according to the situation. Discover the possibilities of Occhio air, our Bluetooth-based light control.


Preset color temperature

The light color can alternatively be preset for luminaires of the Mito as well as the Mito linear series during assembly. Choose from the color temperatures 2700, 3000, 3500 or 4000 K.

The color temperature is preset on the set box of the luminaire, it can be undone at any time and the individual adjustment of the light color can be reactivated again.



LED technology at the highest level

»color tune« is made possible by warm white and cold white LEDs, which are arranged alternately in the luminaire. Thanks to intelligent electronics, the light colors are mixed so that the desired color temperature can be set continuously.

Due to the corrugated structure of the Mito and Mito linear optics, the individual warm white and cold white LEDs are imperceptible, creating a homogeneous lighting.