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Sento tavolo - without Occhio AIR control


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Including Shipping and Installation in the UAE

Price includes:

  1. Door to door delivery from Germany to the UAE.
  2. Installation by Occhio experts in the UAE.


Sento tavolo, turnable and swiveling LED table luminaire, max. 18W each single- or double-sided, »perfect color« LED for best color rendering , dimmable via integrated »touchless control«.

A true multivalent: Sento tavolo is one of our classics at Occhio, a luminaire that turns heads with its timeless design. Emitting light from one or two sides, the luminaire produces the perfect light for working or reading while creating an atmospheric setting at the same time. You can easily operate the Sento tavolo by using gestures via »touchless control« or the Occhio air App.

head ø 123 mm, H 42 mm
body L 600 mm

base ø 24 cm, H 20 mm


40° swiveling

Energy efficiency (EEC)
G (September 2021)