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Mito terra


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Including Shipping and Installation in the UAE

Price includes:

  1. Door to door delivery from Germany to the UAE.
  2. Installation by Occhio experts in the UAE.


LED office floor lights with motion sensor, integrated gesture control and »ambient light control«

Mito terra, linear LED free-standing luminaire with double-sided light emission and a height of 190 cm or 220 cm (fixed), alternatively countinous height adjustable 190-220 cm (variable); 70W (rose gold, bronze, phantom & black phantom surfaces: 56W) asymmetrical light pattern for linear illumination of tables or counters/workstations; control via »touchless control« (gesture control at the head), »body sensor« at the luminaire unit, »ambient light control« (ambient light sensor at the head), »presence sensor« (motion sensor at the head) or with Occhio air. The sensors »touchless control« + »body sensor«, »ambient light control«, »presence sensor« can be deactivated via Occhio air app.

head L 1156 mm x H 1952 mm / 2252 mm x T 300 mm (fixed)
head L 1156 mm x H 1952 mm - 2252 mm x T 300 mm (variable)


Energy efficiency (EEC)
G (September 2021)