To the thinkers and dreamers.
To the creators and makers.
To the movers and shakers.
To the visionaries and the brave.

To those who strive for new horizons.


Mito gioia equilibrio phantom black Home Office
Mito gioia tavolo phantom Home Office
gioia lettura phantom black Home Office

Redefining standards

Occhio Dubai presenting Gioia.

Keep on dreaming

Brightness wherever I want it. Light exactly as I need it. Infinite movability, as I have always dreamed of. The fascinating feeling of levitation – in an ever-changing sculptural silhouette. 

Magical joy

Light that reacts to the movement of my hand. That I can freely direct up or down to create the perfect atmosphere. Light whose color I can change at any time – to give me more focus for work and tranquility for relaxation. Light that I can move effortlessly to where I need it, as wide or focused as I want it.

Gioia means joy – enjoy the magic of perfect light