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Luna sospeso cloud (Cloud 5 with sizes 125 mm (2x) | 160 mm (2x) | 200 mm)


Sensual and mysteriously, Luna transforms a room into a place of beauty and light. The revolutionary light source Occhio fireball floats magically in the glass sphere.


Luna basso
It creates soft but focused light – which is simultaneously powerful and glare-free. Luna creates a unique, ever-changing atmosphere and a new style for Occhio. 


Luna scura, Luna basso, Luna sospeso


Luna rarely comes alone – its playful power unfolds within a group. Its different sizes allow creative arrangements, clouds and even chandeliers. 


musou black, fireball, luna


With the new high-gloss surfaces dark chrome and phantom, Luna picks up on trends in interior design.
To make the mounting of the Occhio fireball disappear, it was created in the deepest black –
Musou Black
So the Occhio fireball seems to float in the glass sphere.


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